Amanda Kaye was born in Brisbane, Australia who graduated from Griffith Film School, Queensland College of Art with Honours. Her Honours short film Ceiling Skies was her directorial debut, which screened at numerous film festivals around the world, such as Los Angeles Women’s International Film Festival, under the name Amanda Henshall.


Amanda then embraced the art of documentary by becoming production manager for 5 observational feature length documentaries for a period of 6 years. During that period, she was a freelance Production Manager/Coordinator and worked on a variety of documentary series and a TVC for Vodafone.


After years working in documentary, the urge to direct a narrative film has seen Amanda delving back into writing, directing and producing her next short film, Norm. Amanda is now writing and developing her next 3 short film projects.



Damian was born with adventure laced in his blood. He travelled extensively throughout the world before beginning his career in the art of filmmaking. What he saw on his journeys, fuelled his passion for crafting films with raw emotion, authenticity and a greater purpose. He has worked on numerous commercials, music videos and online video marketing productions, as well as creative short and feature films.

Damian has been working as a Cinematographer for 9 years and has been lecturing at the New York Film Academy for the past 2 years.

He is an accomplished cinematographer with a number of films credited to him, including a post apocalyptic film called Gunpowder and indie features Ashburn Waters and Alice (In Post-Production).

He is also the owner/operator of his own production company, Iron Forge Pictures.



After moving to Australia in 2017, Patrick eagerly devoted himself into film industry especially after his short film, Wakefield, was selected and screened in Cannes Film Festival in 2009.


Currently teaching film production and directing on the Gold Coast, Patrick was involved in a number of film productions including short films and feature films. 



Born into a musical family, Brent was surrounded by music and bands from a very early age. By the time he was a teenager he was involved with the theatre audio department and playing in multiple bands at his school. Twenty years later Brent is still involved in the entertainment industry, having worked in most of the major theatres and theme parks on the Gold Coast as a lighting and Audio technician. Brent’s real passion is sound design and producing/recording music, with his most notable work was scaring people with his sound design throughout all of the Mazes at Movie World Fright nights since 2011.


“Norm” marks Brent’s first sound design in film.



Based on the Gold Coast in QLD, Australia, Working from a purpose built home recording studio, Tim is a versatile musician throwing himself knee deep into the world of composing and producing. With growing credits in both film and TV shows around the world alongside a flourishing solo artist and music career, Tim is extremely passionate on all things music. With sights set for feature film scores, stadium performances, and award winning hit albums, Tim is always on the lookout for future works and opportunities that will propel him further into this musical, and magical, world.